Sunday, July 10, 2011

Soiree of the Year, and Costume Preview...or Post-view...or...

Last night, the Greater Bay Area Customers Guild (GBACG, also on Facebook) hosted an "Evening at the Petit Trianon" at the Bellevue Club in Oakland, California. Visit our Flickr Pool for loads of photos (and keep visiting, photos will keep getting added). The costumes were fabulous. The venue was perfect. Accolades are inadequate. Of course, what makes GBACG events so much fun for me, is the company. The Guild is filled with great people.

Here is what I wore at the party: a French gown, or robe à la française, or sack/saque back gown (please don't call it a Watteau or I may smack you) c. 1750,  and some monumental hair.

This outfit has preoccupied me more-or-less-and-more since March. I'll blog it to pieces in the next few weeks to describe what you're looking at now, and will continue to blog about it as I *ahem* finish it.

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