Monday, July 25, 2011

Mid-1800s Wig

I spent a few hours yesterday styling this half-wig.

I don't really know how to work hair, and this is NOT what I set out to make. I'm starting to hate doing hair. I'm afraid it'll all fall apart if I try it on. Argh. Ok, whiney rant over.

My goal was to make something smaller than what I wore at Evening at Le Petit Trianon. Yes, I've been so busy that I forgot to do a segment on that wig. My friend Gailynne constructed it, and it's awesome both in appearance and scale! I'll chat it up when I get back from Costume College.

This is a half-wig, so it sits behind the hairline, and that hump will be on my head about where it is on the block. I read up on styling in Vintage Hairstyling by Lauren Rennells (specifically, how to create a '60s beehive and '40s "victory rolls").

Bleh. This wig looks like DUDE hair. Seriously. Rant over.

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