Saturday, May 23, 2015

MakeFashion at Maker Faire

Hello! I'm here! Yes, I'm still alive. Just popping in for a quick post (hopefully the first of many).

Last weekend I went to Maker Faire for the first time, to model a dress made by my good friends at Amped Atelier (that's a link to their Twitter feed), Sahrye and Hal. This was for the MakeFashion fashion show. MakeFashion is one of the groups that regularly participate in things like Maker Faire.

Frankly, I was a little terrified. I'd never walked on a runway before. But the MakeFashion folks were very cool, organized, and prepared, the models and designers were fun, and in the end I just relaxed and had a good time. And besides, anything for a friend.

Photos and video should eventually be uploaded at the MakeFashion website. As of today, I believe you can see a video that includes the dress, worn by the lady who modeled it in Calgary.

You can find Sahrye and Hal on Twitter @ampedatelier, and also on Instagram.

Sahrye also blogs over at It Came from the Stash.

On the runway, during the closing.
The dress came in two pieces, the turquoise and black sheath dress underneath and the hoopskirt that went over. Multi-color LEDs lit up the deep vee neckline, and also went down the back. The hem of the hoopskirt featured a scrolling marquee.

Amazingly, the dress fit just about right, even with my odd dimensions.

I also want to point out the two ladies in the background of the photo above. The one in yellow had two prosthetic lower legs, and the one on the right had one. The prosthetic were  beautifully carved, and lit up from the inside. Not only was that just NEAT, these two women just worked the crowed like you wouldn't believe. They were AWESOME.

Outside, in daylight.
My makeup and hair were by Sahrye and our good buddy Mia. It featured a LOT of glue-on rhinestones, and glitter, yes glitter, painted on my lips. Looked great under the runway lights.

The dress was quite a hit. After the second show, two different people came up to me and asked where they could get one.

Wish I had more pics, but unfortunately I wasn't behind the camera this time. Hopefully soon we'll see some official pics from the MakeFashion folks.

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