Sunday, June 7, 2015

Turbans! Turbans! Turbans! (Photo Shoot)

I'm back for another quick, catch-up post. Back in April I spent a day hanging out with Lynn McMasters to model for her. She was (or still is) working on a pattern for turbans for various time periods. She has lots of friends who model for her millinery, including, on occasion, me.

If you follow Lynn on Facebook at her page, "Out of a Portrait" you've seen this photos before, as well as pics of her other fabulous models and hats. If you're a member of Facebook and don't follow Lynn, scoot on over there and follow here to get the scoop on her up-and-coming hat patterns.

Turban No. 1:

This one is based on a late 18th century headdress. I can't recall the name or artist of the portrait that Lynn used as a model. The outfit was provided by me.

Turban No. 2:

Jumping forward over a century, I don't recall what time period Lynn attaches to this turban, but given the hairstyle she probably means

Turban No. 3:

Still in the Jazz Age. This one features a fun sash and crazy feathers. Lynn made the dress.

Turban No. 4:

1920s or '30s. This one came in two pieces. The "dress" is one of my favorite sari's, creatively wrapped.

Lastly: this is not a turban, but Lynn needed photos of this really cool, lace-brim hat.


  1. Ok, so I started out with "turban number 1 is my favorite." Then it was number 2.... But I truly think number 4 is my favorite. Love the color and the outfit it goes with!!! Perfection!!

    1. Thank you Gina! All credit goes to Lynn, she not only made the turbans but also planned and/or made the outfits, the looks, the lighting, the backgrounds, the poses, etc. I just showed up and put the stuff on. :)

    2. Oh my.... Now that's the way to go!!!!

  2. So many gorgeous outfits! I have always somehow just left out the possibility of making hats/headdresses, I keep forgetting about it when focusing on the actual dress, or the shoes, or the whatever. But these are gorgeous, I need to have a look at hatmaking soon enough because this is inspiring!

    1. Thanks, Fanny! I'll put in yet another plug for my friend Lynn! Head on over to her website, .She makes and sells patterns for hats/headdresses for all time periods.