Wednesday, December 21, 2011

1870 Hat by Lynn McMasters

I'm proud and privileged to be the owner of another custom hat by Lynn McMasters, milliner, friend, and occasional mentor (the last one was a really wonderful 1880s straw hat). In this post you'll also be treated...or photos of yours truly! I'm not fond of having my photo taken. :)

This hat is the View D from Lynn's 1870-1880 Bustle Hat Pattern (eep! also featuring yours truly...I keep forgetting about that). Lynn based this view on several illustrations from around 1870.

I've got a big fat braid pinned to the back of my head to support the hat. There's a hat pin holding it on, but Lynn and I discussed attaching one or two combs or clips that will really hold it on.

The hat will got with a walking dress from around 1875 that, well, exists in my head...someday, hopefully SOON, I'll actually make the dress.

Finally I can't go without giving a plug to my friend Lynn. Making custom hats is something she does on the side; her primary business is making excellent hat patterns. Check them out here, or got to and click on "Pattern Orders" at the top. She's even got instructions on manipulating straw braid and blocking buckram! Even if you have no interest in home millinery, stop by her site and check out her amazing work.


  1. Its very pretty! I can see it going with a burgundy and black bustle.
    Nice to have friends in certain places.

  2. Thanks, Val! The gown MUST happen someday, too busy and too many other projects in the way right now. :)

  3. Just found your blog, love it! Especially enjoy your posts about recovering parasols, I did it once and what a pain in the rump that was! Came out lovely and want to do another buuuuut....I remember that pain part enough to deter me for the time being! Have a wonderful holiday season!
    Take Care,

  4. Thanks, Robin! Parasols are a bit of an obsession with me...I'll do more posts one them, since I have quite a few to recover! Once you've done it a few times, it's not so hard. :)