Saturday, June 7, 2014

Post-WWI Day Hat

I'm back!

Yup, I took yet another hiatus from this blog to take care of "stuff." I'm back for at least for the summer, though, and hopefully free to do some fab costuming and crafting.

Before I delve into the latest update in my costume collection, I'd like to make an announcement: last March (yes, it's been that long), the hosting for my website,, was up for renewal. Since I have practically no time to maintain the site, I let the hosting expire. There are still links from this blog to the website, and I'll change those eventually, but in the meantime don't be surprised if you get a "page not found" error.

Ok! Back to the business of costuming. My latest costume thing is this gorgeous post-World War I hat, not made by me but by Lynn McMasters.

It's based on her "Post WWI, Late Teens / Early 20's" hat pattern. You can find more information on that pattern here.

I don't actually recall the genesis of this hat. I think at the time she had just released the pattern, and suddenly she says: I'm making you a hat! That was quite a few months ago.

I forget what exactly the fabric is (charmeuse, I think), but the lace is vintage and I'm pretty sure she made the cord and tassels herself.

Anyway, 'nuff said, I'll just be quiet now so you can enjoy the photos.

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