Friday, May 24, 2013

The Last Eight Months Have Not Been Idle

I know it's been more than eight months since I posted last, but it's been at least that long since I've posted about anything I've been doing. Those of you who know me in real life know that I have had a LOT going on, none of which has to do with costuming or crafting. In theory, most of that will wrap up at the end of summer and leave me with more time to sew, but, well, you know...we'll see. :)

Anyway, even when I have too much piled on I make time to craft, if for no other reason than to maintain my sanity (such as it is). I just kept the projects bite-sized and portable. That is, I took up knitting and crocheting.

At Costume College last August, I took a one-hour course on Tunisian crochet. I had learned to crochet and knit when I was really young, but stopped around the age of 18, sever, er, decades ago. I had never heard of Tunisian crochet, so I thought I'd give it a go. Well, that lead me to starting to crochet again, whiiich lead inevitably to my knitting again.

Little bit of a Tunisian crochet sampler scarf I started. This is some sort of wrapped stitch that I got out of the book 101 Easy Tunisian Crochet Stitches.
So here's a sample of the things I've knit, in no particular order. Nothing historic, just stuff I can wear every day, with a sprinkling of totally random nonsense.

Crocheted flying piggy.
Tunisian crocheted moss green cowl.
Storage tube for my crochet hooks (an experiment in Tunisian  crochet stitches and crocheting in-the-round).
Tunisian crochet fingerless mitts, also made in-the-round.
Matching neck warmer, also in Tunisian crochet.
Crochet sweater-coat (really more coat than sweater).
Knit shrug, made from cashmere yarn recycled from a store-bought shrug.
And finally, a sad little crochet bear.
If you find my yarn-work interesting (or you're just a yarn addict), and you're a Ravelry user, come find me over there, my username is "cdemontigny".

More to come soon! I've got more costuming and crafting goings-on to report. Stay tuned!


  1. Hey there -- as a knitter, have you ever knit chain mail hoods with cotton yarn? I need to do some, and I'd love to find a pattern, and a source for cotton yarn that isn't too soft, but also isn't so stiff you can't work it for hours!
    Any ideas?

    1. Hi AuntieNan! I have not, but if you haven't already, head over to I'm sure someone there has exactly a pattern for what you want to do!