Sunday, July 1, 2012

Powder Blue Parasol, Part 2 (the last)

I finished the powder blue cotton parasol that I was embroidering in this earlier post. This parasol was the finished sample for my class last week, though it wasn't really done until I picked up the tassel from Lynn McMasters at the class. Here's the full photo spread I took after the class.

The finished parasol.
The large canopy panels gave me lots of room
to embellish, first with some simple embroidery.
In the upper area I put four rows of tucks.
A small rosette covers the opening in the
center of the canopy..
Small touches make this modern frame
look more period, like these rosettes
on the underside of the canopy.
A full view of the underside.
Another finishing touch, a custom-made tassel
by Lynn McMasters.
Lynn is teaching a class on tassel making at Costume College. She and I have been lamenting how modern tassels and fringe just don't look like the silk tassels and fringe of 100 years ago. She's been developing tassels. I've been developing fringe. But more on that later.

This parasol uses a ring-and-button closure mechanism I've
seen on extant parasols.
And propped in a corner.
For your amusement, here's the reverse sequence of how this parasol came from a modern umbrella.

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