Sunday, October 2, 2011

18th Century Embroidered Pockets - On Etsy

I just listed four pairs of embroidered pockets on Etsy.

These are what were left from a workshop I lead at Costume College 2009, in which the class made pairs of pockets. I offered embroidered fronts as an option, and what the students didn't take I sold to friends and fellow costumers. These four have been sitting around as unfinished panels since then, and since I'm in a fit of housecleaning, I made them up and now they're on Etsy. Stop by and take a look...tell your friends...these gotta go!

If you're curious what all the designs looked like, I have a gallery of them at my website. I don't have current plans to produce any more of these — but you never know where my short attention span may land....

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