Friday, August 12, 2011

Inexpensive Hat Boxes

I've been trying for years to find hat boxes that fit my really large, period hats. I have not yet succeeded in finding boxes that are the right dimensions. I've made hat boxes before, the classic round style with a lid and cord threaded through grommets...but egads, that took some time, and I used only archival quality materials, which made the box not exactly cheap.

So here is my solution.

15" cube hat boxes, plain and paper covered, with
a tag for identifying the contents and a handle for carrying.
The boxes are double-walled, thus very sturdy.
Both boxes are 15 inch cubes, sized to fit my enormous 1830s bonnet. Totally not archival quality, and probably not as durable as a properly made hat box (well, maybe the papered one might be). But they solved my problem, and now I can store my big hats properly.

The box is sized to fit my enormous 1830s bonnet.
Just snugly.


  1. Did you buy the square boxes already made up? Or is this from a class at Costume College? I too have need of monstrously large hat boxes.

  2. I actually bought a pallet of not-made-up boxes, and set to work with a box cutter, glue, and tape. I have an idea for making these up as kits to sell...because, you know, I have a PALLET of boxes. :)